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Network opportunities this month

Ask questions. Explore God.

Hope for kids in Peru

Part of our Hope Christmas Project in 2015 was to help support the start of some new churches in Northern India.

For our 2015 Christmas project we looked to bring hope locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.

The competition was intense, the kicking was incredible...and the food was even better! On Sunday, August 14, The Journey Network Teams had the 2nd annual Kickball Bash! It was a tournament between all the Network Teams.

In West Michigan, summer is so great! There are so many ways to have fun, relax, and enjoy the weather.

This short video is a great reminder for us in the messiness of life.

A new night class option for the winter session of Journey Night Classes

If you never have financial struggles, always have plenty of money, have all you need in savings, and have all you need for retirement...

Did you know that many kids in our community will show up the first day of school and won't have the supplies they need to begin their education for the year?

We did it! This past year, starting in August 2013, we set out a goal to make an impact in our community. We wanted to serve people...

For part of our Hope Christmas this past year, we raised some dollars to help the House of Hope Orphanage in Kenya to build another classroom. We've partnered with them for many years...

People often feel they are good enough yet to get baptized, or believe they aren't smart enough yet to help others in their relationship with Jesus, or think they aren't at the spiritual level that so many others are

At The Journey I get the opportunity to have lots of conversations with people...a wide variety of people. Many people weren't in church before, some were. I talk to people who are married, single, students, older, younger, etc. People who have great jobs, and people who hate their job. But something I have been finding in common with most people is how they see themselves in their relationship God.

People matter to God, and so people matter to us as well. We want every person who walks through the door of The Journey to...

Yes, summer will eventually arrive. And when it does, be ready. What I mean is that we have unique opportunties...