Welcome to the 10 Day Marriage Challenge and the opportunity to build up your spouse and your relationship. Whether you and your spouse are doing great or if you are struggling, this challenge is a simple way to develop your marriage. Sign up on the Connect Card on the Next Steps Center for updates and encouragement over the next ten days.


(1) Learn how and when your spouse feels the most loved. It can help grow your marriage because you can intentionally look for ways to love them every day. The first step is to identify your love language as well as your spouse’s by each taking the 5 LOVE LANGUAGES QUIZ.

(2) Share the results of the quiz with each other and how your love language makes you feel loved.  Giving them some examples could help them understand you even more.  Discussing your love languages for a few minutes can help you understand and be a better spouse.

(3) Be intentional for 10 days by loving your spouse in their love language every day.  You may want to express love in different ways which is always good, but expressing love in their love language can make them feel the most loved. So do something intentional each day.

(4) Plan a date night at the end of the 10 Day Marriage Challenge. On your date, discuss 2 questions:
• How did this challenge help you grow in your marriage?
• How would you like to continue growing in your marriage? (Consider these options: continue the challenge, check out other 5 Love Languages Resources or Marriage Pathway, etc.) Decide your next steps together.