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Journey Kids - March 2015

What are Journey Kids learning in March?...

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January in Journey Kids

January in Journey Kids!...

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December in Journey Kids

December in Journey Kids! ...

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Parent Resources

Journey Kids are spending the whole month of November focusing on something every parent desires to see in their home: gratitude. Be sure to check out this month's parent resources to continue the Sunday conversation at home and start applying principles of gratitude in your child's every day life. Click below for some great conversation starters and be sure to "like" the ...

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What are my kids learning in October?

Preschool Kindergarten kids are focusing on how "God helps me do big things"! Last week we learned about when David was chosen to be the king of Israel...even though he was the youngest and least likely of his many brothers. Next week we're sharing how God helped David defeat a giant. We have four amazing Bible stories to share this month. You can take a sneak peek on the...

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Friends Encourage Each Other

What are friends for? ...

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The Bible is Better Than Gold! Arrrgh!

What did preschool & kindergarten kids learn yesterday? ...

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1st-5th Grade

This Sunday, 1st-5th Grade kids talked about forgiveness and how it plays a role in every friendship. At dinner or bedtime this week, ask......

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Preschool & Kindergarten

Check out this week's video! ...

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1st-5th Grade Prayer Calendar

How can I pray with my kids?...

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June Parent Resources

Friendship & pirates! Check out what kids are learning this month in Journey Kids and get a few ideas about how to talk about it at home. ...

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Journey Kids Summer Sign-up

Use this online form to sign-up & serve once in Journey Kids this summer! ...

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Journey Kids

Why does my little one keep talking about birds this week? How come my 2nd grader is determined to "stick with it"? ...

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