Did you know that many kids in our community will show up the first day of school and won't have the supplies they need to begin their education for the year?  Some children come from homes where the parents just don't buy supplies for them, or the family has had a difficult time and don't have the money.  Some have very difficult home lives where the parents aren't engaged in what is happening with their kids.  So, they show up to school and are often embarrassed on the first day because the other kids have what they don't.  The Journey Networks are going to do something about this.


We are collecting school supplies from August 17-31 at both of our Journey locations.  Some of these supplies will go to Community enCompass to be distrubited to kids they work with.  Other supplies will go to various schools in our Networks.  This is one way we can look beyond ourselves and live generously.


Part of why we do regional Networks is so together God can work in and through us.  We can accomplish more together, than by ourselves.  So in the next 3 weeks, please bring in as many school supplies and backpacks on Sundays as possible.  Let's be generous! Thanks so much!  Look on the August Journey sheet to find a list of possible items to pick up.