A few days ago in a blog I mentioned that most of us sometimes think that when it comes to our relationship with Jesus that we have to get it all figured out, not have any questions, and be at a certain level BEFORE we can take our next step. People often feel they are good enough yet to get baptized, or believe they aren't smart enough yet to help others in their relationship with Jesus, or think they aren't at the spiritual level that so many others are. Here's a few thoughts in response to that...

First, we are usually comparing ourselves to others. And the reality is most of us feel that others have more spiritually than we do. We feel that we often come up short, and they don't. We feel that others know a bunch of stuff we don't. We think they have life, and God, and relationships figured out and we don't. The reality...NOT TRUE. None of us have it all together. We are all on a journey. We all have steps to take.

Second, we need to remember that it isn't about what have done, are doing now, or will do. It isn't about us. It isn't about the level we are at. It is about Jesus and what He has done. We need to remember that Jesus is adequate, he has it figured out, he is smart enough, he has the answers...and he is the answer. See, all we have to know is Him and be in relationship with Him. As long as we are following the ONE who has it all and has figured it all out, then we don't have to. What a relief! We trust Him, put faith in Him, follow Him, and let Him lead us through all the questions, doubt, fears, and ways we feel inadequate. It isn't about you, it is about Him.

Mark Rhodes