People matter to God, and so people matter to us as well.  We want every person who walks through the door of The Journey to be welcomed and know they can come as they are, no strings attached.  And we have a great group of volunteers that help make that happen.  The hosting and coffee bar volunteer team takes time each week to help create a friendly, welcoming environment.  We want to have a little "WOW" experience for each new person that leaves an impression so an unchurched person would want to come back to experience it again.  We want our regular attenders to be reminded that no matter the week they've had, that they matter to and they matter to The Journey as well.  If you are a volunteer that hosts does coffee bar...thanks. You help make all this happen.  If you are not yet volunteering, this is a great way to jump in help make a difference.  You can be part of this team.  Remember, we all matter to God, and we want everyone to know that as well.

Mark Rhodes