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Prayers for our newest Strategic Partner

We received this from Compassion International, the organization that we are partnering with to start a church & sponsor children in generational poverty.  It was about the country that we will be working in.  Please join us in prayer.

Because I know you believe in the power of prayer, I want to ask you to pray for the children of Peru.

As you may have heard in the news, several weeks of heavy rain has caused flooding, landslides and power outages in Peru. Diseases such as skin and stomach infections are beginning to appear, as well as a high risk of dengue due to the mud and water.

The national authorities have announced that the death toll has reached 85 people and more than 672,892 people are in need of assistance throughout the country. Authorities have had to evacuate several areas due to flooding. Because the children we serve are so vulnerable and live in poorly constructed homes, storms like these with flash flooding and mudslides can be just devastating.

Be assured that Compassion staff is working diligently to provide immediate aid to the children and families who have been affected. They are purchasing tents, pre-fabricated houses, roofing materials, food, water and medicines for affected families.

We know many Compassion children and their families have been affected by the persistent rain. Compassion staff in Peru is going home-to-home to check on Compassion children and to assess needs of each family.

Would you please join us in prayer for all who have been impacted? Pray for...
The children and families in areas where large amounts of rain are still forecasted. Pray with us that God will place His hand of protection over them, and that they would be safe from flooding.
The children and families whose homes have been damaged or destroyed. Pray that they would see God’s miraculous provision in their lives as they work to rebuild.
Health and healing for those who have become sick due to mud in the water.
The Compassion staff and our church partners in Peru.
Thank you for caring for the precious children of Peru, especially in times like these. May God bless you beyond measure for your faithfulness to His children.

Your brother in Christ,

Rich Van Eaton
Sponsor and Donor Relations Director
Compassion International