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Choose Your Future...One Step at a Time

Choose Your Future Web

In our Choose Your Future series this month, we are looking at how we can line up our future with God's plan. Just because God has a purpose and plans for us doesn't mean we don't have a choice. Choosing your future means we Choose the Right Guide. God loves us so much, He cares for us, He wants what is best for us, so let's invite Him to help us guide our future. It also means to invite God to help us Choose the Right Priorities. We can't just let what is popular or urgent choose our priorities. We need to choose God's purposes for us. Developing a Priority Path can help us have the future we want, and the future God has for us. A Priority Path is simply developing 5 priorities to live by to help lead us to the future we want. Check out the Priority Path Worksheet. It can be a great tool to invite God to help you build your priority path.