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Over the last month we've looked at the shadow of Jesus throughout the Bible. Here's some videos to review the series and some reading plans for this Holy Week/Passion Week leading to Easter.

The Bible isn't a series of unrelated stories; it's one narrative.

When we face the challenges of life, how can we find joy instead of sorrow.

The Bible is filled with stories and accounts that are at times uncomfortable, and don't always seem to make sense to us, but they are a part of a bigger story about a big God and his big love for us. Which should at least make us ask the question "What if?"

In our series "The Shadow" we're talking about how the shadow of Jesus is cast all throughout human history & even into our world today. To see the shadow we're looking back at some of the biggest stories of the Old Testament of the Bible. But are they more than just stories? Are they more than cute (or not so cute) fairy tales?

Whenever I pick out a greeting card, I notice it takes me a lot less time than most women I see in the store. I figure a greeting card is going to be in the ball park but what I write in the card is probably going to be more meaningful and accurate. What if your only expression of communication was greeting cards? Do you think that would make a good connection? Probably not. Do you have a greeting card type of relationship with God?

Trusting God is hard. It's hard to trust someone that you can't see and to trust Him with things that seem so counter-cultural. But, trusting God is one of the main pathways to our "best life".