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a great way to follow up our last series...and there's prizes!

Are we more like a Pharisee or more like Jesus? Do we judge or extend grace? Here are 5 ways we can begin to see the masterpiece in others and extend God's grace to those around us . . .

Today is Star Wars Day...May the 4th be with you.

Do you want God to do big things in & through you?

This short video is a great reminder for us in the messiness of life.

Is your life messy? You're not alone. We all have messes in our lives. Today, we highlight 3 keys to not letting your mess, mess you up & they all center around what God thinks of us.

Here's a simple prayer that can change your perspective.

This Sunday we began a new series at The Journey called "Mess of Me". Some messes others cause, some are our own fault, and some we just seem to "step in". But what does God think of our mess? How does He see us?

In this new series, we're talking about finding the masterpiece in you and not letting the mud define you