Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We celebrate with you as you look forward to this great event. If you’re planning to be married by a member of The Journey staff you will need to complete the pre-marital mentoring program established by The Journey before your wedding date. This process will generally take between 4-6 months.


We want to help prepare you for your life together as you make vows to be committed to each other. There will be 4-6 sessions that will include topics like finances & budgeting, communication, spiritual connection, and sex & intimacy. We will also be working through a workbook & book called Preparing for Marriage by Dennis & Barbara Rainey. These sessions will be either with the pastor performing your wedding, in a group session with other people from church who are getting married or at seminars from places like Winning at Home.


The fee to be given to the performing Pastor for leading the pre-marital counseling, seminars and preparation of the ceremony, including the rehearsal and ceremony itself is a $300 flat fee ($500 for non-attenders of Journey Church). Fee is due 2 weeks before wedding. If you are having a destination wedding, travel expenses including gas & hotel must be provided. We encourage you to personally ask the Pastor you would like to perform your ceremony. Please note, however, that we often cannot guarantee our availability until much closer to your wedding date. We always will advise you to have a backup Pastor available for that date as well. Our first responsibilities are to our own families and to the mission of The Journey and therefore events that require us on those dates need to take precedence. We will however reserve your date and schedule around it where possible.


If you are having a wedding at one of The Journey sites, there are some fees and policies that apply for use of the building. The fees for a wedding are based upon what is needed starting at $300 ($500 for non-attenders of the Journey Church).This fee includes cleaning, someone to run sound and building use. We do not allow weddings to be performed after 3pm on Saturdays at one of our church buildings. All events need to be done by 5 pm.


We’re excited for you as you prepare for your big day! With that in mind, if most couples put as much time preparing for their marriage as they do for their wedding ceremony, we would have many more happy couples. We hope this process will help you prepare for your marriage and set you on a good, healthy course for your new life as husband and wife. To register, we encourage you to personally ask one of our pastors, then to reserve the dates, fill out the wedding form here.