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In the Summer Blockbuster series, we've been looking at flipping the script to live our best life. What's the script of your life? Are you living a good story?

Would you watch a movie about someone who wants to own some nice things and then works too many hours & sacrifices their finance future to get them? Would you read a book about a family who runs from event to event and is busy just doing activities? Or would you read about someone who sacrifices and sells stuff to give to help others. Would you watch a movie about someone who drops out of a program or takes a different job to do something bigger. Wouldn't you rather see stories of sacrifice, going against the grain, overcoming hardship, or making a difference? I remember sitting in a conference session with author Donald Miller as he explain our lives much like a movie script story. There is nothing wrong with having stuff or being in activities, but there is something more to life.

We love those type of stories because they point to a much greater story...God's story. And God wants you to live a great story too. Throughout the Bible we see great life stories. We can feel it in our being because God created us for something more. Flip the script in your life. Don't settle for story of mediocrity. Don't let your past define the end of your story. Flip the script and experience your best life.

Donald Miller has more great thoughts on this topic. If you want to think through this more, check out his book. It's funny, challenging and inspiring.