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Top 3 This Week

Isn't there something more to life? How do I find meaning in life? Have you ever pondered questions like these to search for something bigger and better in life? We will be looking at some big questions on the quest to find purpose in our lives this month. Visit the series page for more details or go to the Facebook event page to invite your friends. You can also use the e-vite from our website.

10:10 PRAYER
We are in the middle of our 10 days of Prayer. As we are heading towards our 10th anniversary, we want to be praying about our dreams and steps as a church for this year and the next 10 years. At 10:10 each day (AM &/or PM), let's join together & ask God to do more than we could ever imagine. Go online to get the special prayer for each day.

This month is an "all-church" series on finding purpose in our lives. We have some Network Groups & Connection Nights, the Monday Journey Night classes, our Journey Teens and the 1st-5th graders will all be focused on our October series.
Journey Night Classes-sign up online or at the Next Steps Center at church on Sunday.
Network events-Check out your network pages for more details.
Journey Kids-Each Sunday at church
Journey Middle School Teens-Meet at Pontaluna Exit site: Monday Nights from 6:30-8:00 pm
Journey High School Teens-Meet at the Urban's home (2465 Hathaway Ct, Muskegon) on
Sunday nights from 6:30-8:00 pm