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Top 3 for June 5, 2014

Pontaluna Site Series: Chase The Light
North on M-120 Site Series: Free Way
For May and June we are flip flopping these 2 series. This Sunday is week 2 of each series at the above locations. Check out the schedule and details for both of these series on the Journey website Series Page.

This Monday is the deadline for baptism stories to be turned in for the July 6 baptisms at the beach. If you are interested in being baptized on that day and attended one of the baptism meetings, please email stories to admin@thejourneycc.com.

In just 90 days, you can get back in spiritual shape. All you need is a Bible, an open-mind and this overview of The Bible. Take some time each day to connect with God. It isn’t about reading, it’s about the relationship. Start by praying. Ask God to open your mind & heart to understand Him more. As you read, make notes about what the passage says about God and also what it means for our lives. Go to our home page and click on the link to download the guide. Increase your spiritual "pumpatude" and keep walking in the light.

NETWORK COOKOUTS: (grab a network card at the Next Steps Center or check the Facebook for details)
-June 8th (Sunday) at 6:00 pm North Network
-June 14th (Saturday) at 6:30 pm Fruitport Network
-June 21st at 5:00 pm Tri-Cities Network

Shanna Retzlaff