Rick Warren was asked about why so many people and our nation has flopped with our finances.  What counsel would he give to people who are struggling financially? He talked about how we all have to take responsibility. 

"Regardless of all the problems we see out there, they all have at their root in a spiritual cause...the biggest problem is our inability to delay gratification." You can see the interview here.



Dave Ramsey has shared similar principles. Ramsey has talked about not sacrificing what we want now for what we want most.

If we are going to flip our finances, our health, our relationships, our lives, we have to practice delayed gratification. Change doesn't happen overnight, it's the small daily decisions in the right direction. We have to realize that the mindset of "I want it now" will usually lead to compromise, quitting, or cause us to head in the wrong direction. If we are going to flip our lives, it happens over a period of time. It's like planting seeds and taking steps to make it grow (Matthew 13:31-33). We're in this together. Don't give up. Keep taking those steps.

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Here's one more funny (but true) video about delayed gratification: