Opening Update Modern Yellow Circles - Title

The past two months, we committed to Church Online + Church On the Lawn. In October we will be taking a next step in Reopening. We will have Church Online + we will be back to our 9:30 am & 11:00 am gatherings inside with Guidelines.

We have been watching how schools have been functioning, tracking local covid numbers, discussing it with local health advisors and our Lead Team feels we are at a point where we can move to this next phase with the guidelines below:

MASK: We will required masks as you enter and leave the building, during the first part of the service through the singing and if you need to get up anytime during the service. During the message time when there's no singing or talking and while everyone is in there seat, we will have a time when you are allowed to remove your masks (kind of like when you go out to eat right now). 

SOCIAL DISTANCING: We will be opening the doors at 9:15 am and when you enter the building we will ask you to go directly to your seat and stay there throughout the service. We have a system to space out around the auditorium and we will dismiss people at the end of the service and we're asking everyone to immediately exit the building. If you want to socialize, it will be to be done in the parking lot. We are also asking everyone to refrain from handshakes and hugs.

TOUCHLESS: We will do as much as possible to keep everything touchless (no kiosks, cards, propping open doors, etc). It's bring your own coffee (cafe' not open yet) and we will have hand sanitizer around the building. Also like any kind of cold/flu season, please stay home if you are not feeling well or have covid symptoms.

LIMITED JOURNEY KIDS: We will offer Journey Kids classes for our toddler age classes from age 2 through Grade K during one service. (9:30 am at our site on Quarterline and 11:00 am at the Northside site). We will offer a special class time for the elementary kids outside the regular service times.

We will have a walk through next week along with more Journey Kids details. This is our plan for October and we will see what this fall brings.

If you don't feel comfortable with the above guidelines or are not comfortable with being in a group yet, we will continue to offer a focused and quality online experience.