About 6 weeks ago, we met for our Winter Parnership Team Night. We heard a lot of stories, discussed the mission and heard about our new Quarterly Challenges (card below).

Here's a few updates as we continue to own and live out the mission together:

1) Check out the Video above. It's just a few minutes long but Mark has some good insight for us.
2) The worksheet that Mark references in the video is on the Spread Kindess Page under look beyond yourself.
3) If you already filled your spread kindness box and you want to do another, we have a few leftover in the office area at church.
4) Easter is coming up on April 17. This is a great time to invite someone to join you at church.
5) Our Next Team Meeting will be Sunday night May 15 for the J.A.C.'s - Journey Annual Celebration. We're excited to review the year, hear your stories of God working in you and celebrate all He has done in and through our church this past year. We're also having a pig roast!
6) Review the Quarterly Challenges below. Let's keep praying and taking steps together.

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