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I love sports. I played something every season when I was younger. I remember in middle school, the most nervous I've ever been is when I wrestled. First it's scary because you have to wear the spandex outfit in front of everyone. Then I remember a few times going up against a guy you know was much stronger than you. I remember a guy who seemed like he was 16. He was probably held back a few times and I had to wrestle this man-child. I was nervous because it was just me against him on the mat. I was all alone...and I knew I was going to get hurt.

Team sports have less anxiety because you aren't all alone. There's still pressure but you can help each other. I think every coach has asked their team what TEAM stands for...Together Everyone Achieves More. I think it's true in sports, in life and at our church.

We don't have to go through life alone. It's about relationships. We can join our life with God and we want to do life together because together we can achieve more. But here's the deal: we have to actually experience it ourselves. We can't sit on the bench of life. We can't hide out by ourselves. If we want to experience our best life, we need to get in the game and experience it for ourselves in relationships.

Here's a few opportunities that we are providing to help you experience relationships, not religion:

1) Consistency: One of our goals this year is to grow in consistency in our relationship with Jesus. So the challenge is to make Sundays a priority. Make your personal time with God a priority. Make sure you don't let the busyness of life control you, but lean into what's most important and keep taking steps. You have to experience it yourself!

2) Network Teams: Networks are specifically designed to get you in the game and experience it for yourself! There are opportunities in each Network every month! Check out the video below...

3) Volunteer Try it: Volunteering is a great way to get connected and own the mission. We all have a part to play to help others "come & see" and experience their best life. If we want The Journey to be a great place for people to "come and see", there are many roles to make our environment a great place to explore and experience God. This Sunday we have a no-commitment, try it experience for volunteering. Check out the options here and if you want to try it this Sunday, fill out an online connect card here.

4) Invite: We are challenging everyone to bring someone to church next month for our new series. It's all working with God and owning his mission. So be praying, inviting and grab some invite cards at church. If you bring a friend with you and see them connect with God, it will totally change your experience too!


Don't just sit on the sidelines! Some things just have to be experienced! If we all join together, the impact will be huge! Together Everyone Achieves More!



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