Shared Logo, January 2021

January 2021

Sharing God's story at home is the best way to build a strong faith foundation in your family. Using the Journey Kids January Kit as a guide will prompt you with simple, but meaningful ways to explore and experience God together. 



Our kids in 1st-5th grade are focused on responsibility. All families want their kids to take steps to become more responsible and this month we can encourage those steps while making connections to how God has created us to be responsible. 

Our January Kit for elementary kids includes simple steps to help you guide your child in showing more responsibility in your home. One other focus that ties in how God has given us the responsibility to share with others. We included simple prompts to help identify and make a plan for being responsible to share what God has given us with others. 

Contact Julie to request a Journey Kids January Kit.


Theme + Amazing

Our Toddler - Kindergarten kids are spending this month looking at Jesus' miracles to connect to our big idea that Jesus is amazing! This month's kit encourages learning through play, so we've included a few simple play ideas & supplies to use at home. Spending intentional time sharing God's story while playing will be sure to create some fun & make a big impact!  

Contact Julie to request a Journey Kids January Kit.