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Fall is a great time to press the "Reset" button and bring focus to making and keeping faith at the center of your family. 

Do you have a child starting a new grade in school? Have they had a recent birthday? Or are you curious about what to expect with your child in the phase they are currently in? 

Pick up a Phase Guide any Sunday in September at our Church on the Lawn gatherings for $1.00 each. If you aren't able to attend an in-person gathering yet, just email Julie or Selena and we will drop one in the mail to you.

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Be sure to check the settings on your Parent Cue App to make sure your child has been promoted to the correct age group. Haven't downloaded the app yet? Do it! It's free and so very useful! It is a great tool to help share God's story at home simply, yet with meaning. 

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The Parent Cue website is full of resources centered around topics every parent (babies through young adults!) needs:

  • addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs at every phase
  • conversation guides regarding sexuality, technology & faith
  • how to share ideas about racisim and social unrest with kids
  • navigating anxiety and so much more! 

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As we begin a new season with more routine and structure, set aside some time to plan ahead for the phase your child is in. Knowing what lies ahead will help you be more intentional about the time you have with your kids. After all, it's just a, don't miss it!