We just began a new series that is a study in the book of Romans. Have you ever tried reading the Bible and it just doesn't make sense? The Bible isn't like any other book and it can be challenging to read. So we want to give you some resources to help you engage in God's Word.

Why am I reading? It's important to read with a goal in mind. When reading the Bible, it's not like skimming a webpage or reading a textbook for school. It's not like reading a novel for pleasure. We want to read to know God so He can guide us. It's important to keep this in mind as you read and it brings a different approach. A good way to keep this focus is to ask two questions each time you read: What does it say about God? What does this mean for me? We look for ways God is described or how is He seen in the passage. This gives us a chance to know God and who He is. We consider what the passage calls us to do based on who God is or if there's a clear step we need to take in the text. Another good thing to do is to pray before you begin and ask God to meet with you and give you understanding.

If we approach the Bible with this mindset, it can help us connect with God. That doesn't mean we won't come across something we don't understand. The Bible is one complete story so there's a lot to consider along with the historical context. However, those two questions can be a helpful way to keep things in perspective and we can take steps to grow in our understanding and in our relationship with Jesus. 

We have a lot of resources to help you on our website. I would encourage you to use the Bible App and you can follow us for more insights. Also, the Bible Project is a great resource for understanding the historical context and overarching themes in the Bible.