Every year at Christmas we look to give the gift of hope as we team together with our global partners. Here's our plan for this year:

  • Converge Caribbean: We are looking to form a new partnership in the caribbean as we will be sponsoring a Haitian pastor. This partnership will actually be in the Domincian Republic. Many people look to escape the struggles in Haiti by fleeing to the D.R. But they end up being treated as second class citizens there. We will to support a church and pastor and hopefully this will begin a relationship where we can take trips to support them and make an impact in the community where they servce.
  • With our partnership with Compassion in Peru, we hope to help unsponsored kids in the community get connected to the project to find support, eduaction and care to help them find a sponsor and be freed from generational poverty.
  • Verve Church, Las Vegas: Vince has shared with us some of the struggles of late with our sponsored church in Las Vegas through the pandemic and many people leaving Vegas. We hope to continue to support them with a gift to help reach their city and be a light in this dark place.
  • We normally give a gift to a new church start through Converge Mid-Amercia. This year it's going right to Restore Church. Justin has been our church planter in residency. They are looking to launch in January in Mona Shores Middle School.

That is not the end of it this year. This year we are going bigger. Along with the Hope Christmas Project, we are also looking to stabilize our current financial situation and set aside 3 months operating expenses for Journey Church Northside in their transition of becoming an autonomous church. We rolled out all of these details in our Because Series this fall. You can find more details here. Would you consider an initial gift and/or increasing your giving for a year to expand our impact? We are looking to add 20 new givers and asking everyone to consider a weekly increase of $19.99 for the next year to cover these projects. You can give now on the donate page here. When you register or log in to our Push Pay giving platform, you find options for one time gifts to the Hope Christmas Project or you can increase your normal giving or find the options for Because and one year commitments.