SD love

This is an unprecedented time that we are all navigating through. Even after being in the thick of it the last several weeks, it is difficult to find our footing in this new “normal.” What has been helpful for me is seeking out the positives in each day…something that I’m grateful for. I’ll be honest, some days I have really struggled with finding a positive or I’ve completely skipped it all together because of the mood I was in (#human). But one of the positives that I have been focusing on during this time of social distancing is the opportunity to deepen my faith.

Here are three ways social distancing can help you deepen your faith.

1. Social distancing is providing time to reset your priorities and focus more time on Him. I’ve found myself turning on my bible app, opening up my bible, spending quiet alone time praying and talking to him a lot more during this time than I ever have before. I’ve also been feeling a lot more anxiety and worry lately…which has made me turn to my favorite bible verses to help those anxious feelings subside. Have you felt the same way? If you’re feeling anxious and worried, you aren’t alone. And you don’t have to go through this alone. God will help us through this – focus your time on Him and let Him help shift your mindset and heart. Social distancing can work FOR us, not just against us!

2. Interactions with family and friends have inevitably been restructured by social distancing, so it’s important to try and use that to our advantage. One way we are doing that is by participating in bible plans with others and having the opportunity to talk about it in the app each day. Another perk is that you can do this on our own timeframe! Some of us are morning people and like to start the day in God’s word. Others may find that later in the day is a better time for them to read and respond in the app with their thoughts. There’s flexibility with this and it’s making it easier for us to connect and discover things about each other’s faith in a new way! This is also beneficial in taking a next step in our faith while being stuck at home. We can still connect with others like we do on Sunday mornings…it just looks a bit different than we’re used to. AND THAT’S OKAY!

3. Since we can’t gather together physically, we’re relying on social media now more than ever…which is giving us a chance to share our faith on social media platforms. I’ve felt really inspired by what I’ve seen online lately and try really hard to guard my heart and mind against the things that provoke fear and anxiety. YOU control what you see and what you post on social media…so you can play a part in sharing hope with others! Some examples of this is sharing your favorite bible verse, worship lyrics, bible plans you have found helpful, and inviting others to watch church online!

There are a lot of negative things that we could focus on right now. Let’s do our best to focus on the positives and not just GO through – but GROW through social distancing