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All this month, we're looking at creating a blueprint for who we are becoming in our families. It's about forming a vision for our family & our future. Here's some helpful opportunities and tools to assist you in this process:


Family Vision Worksheet header

This worksheet will guide you through a process to create, communicate, and carry out a crafted vision for your family. This is a major part of our current series that can build a foundation and bring focus to our families.
You can download it here.


Parent Class Header

This class is running in connection to our series. Beyond the vision, it will give you tips & tools for the practical side of parenting. We are bringing in some local professionals to help make our families at their best. You can find more details on the Journey Night Class page: click here.


parent link header

Ever wonder what happens in Journey Kids on Sunday mornings? How can you talk about it at home to continue to invest in your kids? Our first ever Parent Link event is scheduled for Wednesday, February 18th from 6:30-7:30 PM at either Journey site! Set aside 1 hour to make a stronger connection between what happens on Sunday AM and what happens in your home. Spend some one-on-one time with your child and meet the volunteers who invest in your children, as well as a few other parents who are on this awesome parenting journey. Space is limited to 10 families so sign-up by emailing our Journey Kids directors: Selena at the North on M120 site (selena@thejourneycc.com) or Julie at the Pontaluna Exit site (julie@thejourneycc.com) .


online resources header

We have a variety of tools and resources to assist you as you invest in your family and/or marriage. If you have kids or teens, here's some ideas on ways we can partner together to invest in them:


For some previous series, books, tools, insight and other resources, click the links below:





wedding header 

If you plan to "tie the knot" any time in the next year, we have a pre-marriage seminar coming up on March 7. This is a required session if you are planning to be married by any of the Journey pastors. There is more information on the wedding form and information for any other questions concerning weddings. Download it here.