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APRIL 16: 8:15, 9:30 or 11:00 am

We will have 3 identical gatherings between both of our sites with full kids programs (nursery - 5th grade), coffee bar, live band, and a relevant message. We have a casual environment with a come-as-you-are atmosphere. If you've never been to church or if you haven't gone since you were a kid, know you're not alone and more than half of The Journey is in the same boat. Come and explore God at your own spiritual level. We're all about relationships, not religion. Hope to see you this Easter.

Easter is our biggest Sunday of the year. Please consider coming to one of the earlier services to make space for everyone. If you come to the early service at 8:15, we'll even have a breakfast buffet full of pastries for you.  Plan to park far and sit near as a way to help guests have a great experience. Also be thinking and praying for someone to invite. Many people are open to attending church, especially on Easter. Someone is probably just waiting for you to invite them.