All through the month of August, we've been celebrating summer but also the Maker of it all. We've looked at a bunch of the songs that David wrote recorded in the book of Psalms. He sang about how we should not forgot all the benefits of our God (Psalm 103). So that's why we have taken time in this series and all this month to celebrate God.

His love is bigger than the summer sky & brighter than the stars.
His thoughts about you are more numerous than the sand at the beach.
His ways build roots for our lives.
He gives us life like water that satisfies & quenches our thrist.

So let's continue to camp out in His ways, ride life in His current, take time to chill out & slow down so we don't forget all the benefits of our relationship with our God.



This coming Sunday, we will wrap up the series. You can watch the past weeks on the series page.