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This past week I was talking about how some of the big decisions of life revolve around family. We looked at low vs. high level decisions (some insight from Andy Stanley). Low level thinking says, "what's the big deal? " or "Well everyone else is doing it.". Low level thinking moves forward if things are not immoral, illegal or if they're socially acceptable. High level decisions are about making the wise choice.  It's asking, not just is it persmissible, but is it the best decision? It's considering our values, our foundation in God, and our future.

Some people say God's ways are old fashioned or just about religious rules. But God's ways are like guidelines and guardrails for us to make high level decisions. God wants us to experience our best life.

I talked about sex as one of those big decisions that affect our lives and revolves around families. God created sex for marriage. Some people would say "what's the big deal about having sex before you're married?".  Low level thinking would make this decision based on feelings or make a decision based on what everyone else seems to be doing. Some people think sex is just a physical activity like you might see in 50 Shades of Grey. But sex is more than physical, it's also spiritual, and there is so much more. Check out this video: 


Here's another video from the same guy about marriage.

I think this video shows higher level thinking about decisions and how God sees more of life and wants more for our lives. You can also see these thoughts in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 6.

We have big decisions in life, especially when it comes to family & relationships. God wants to guide you and he doesn't want you to end up tearing down your life or the lives of others. He wants your best life. So let's build up our lives in the right directions on the foundation we find in Him. Having a plan for our lives, our futures and our families can help us make better decisions especially when we make decisions based on our foundation in God. Let's think through our decisions and how we make choices so we can experience our best life and build our dream homes.