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We've been talking about instilling values and character into who we are becoming in our lives & families. So how do I help my kids or teens learn about the Bible and build God's values in their lives? We have a variety of resources available but I would like to highlight the Bible App.

The Bible App is also available on the web if you don't have a mobile device at Bible.com through Youversion. It's a great resources for you and your kids or teens. There are reading plans you can do together or we encourage you to do the Running Partner Questions with your teens as a family. You can find those questions here through the Bible App/Bible.com format. The questions can help you have family discussions with your teens with a focus around the values and foundation to build your dream home and prepare them for their best life ahead.

When you open the app or view the webpage to read, it's in the King James Version (KJV). We typically read from the New Internation Version (NIV) in church. It's a little easier to read with more modern language. The Message (MSG) is a good option too. We recently talked about the Message with our Journey Teen Middle School students. It's was written like a paraphrase version of the Bible by a Dad to talk to his kids about the Bible. To change the version on the Bible App or Bible.com, there is a tab next to the passage/book of the Bible section on the top of the app or webpage.

Also, there is a special Bible App for kids. It's interactive and can be a fun thing to do with your kids while talking about God.