21 DAYS FOR 2021

We're taking 21 days to focus on God to start the new year

21 day 15

We are beginning this year with 21 days of focus on God for 2021. Make the most of these 21 days by building consistency and a healthy dependency on Jesus.

Participate with the Daily Focus. Have a set time/place to spend with God. Set a reminder on your phone a few times throughout the day to keep your prayer focus. Memorize a Verse/Theme Verse for this year. Journal your thoughts and prayers. 

We can experience "peace upon peace" when our mind is fixed on and leaning on God.

I will look at the areas of my life where I'm living without peace.  Am I leaning on God or leaning on my own understanding?


Isaiah 26:3-4 

Heavenly Father, I so want to experience perfect peace.  Help me to fix my mind on you, to lean on you rather than my own understanding.  I need you.  My mind so quickly exhausts me.  I want to be fixed on you.  In Jesus' name, Amen

Take time today to list all the places in your life and world where you are looking for peace and not finding it.  Evaluate where you are leaning on "your own understanding" and where you're leaning on God.  Confess to God those areas where you are not leaning on Him and try to fix your mind on Him in those areas.