21 DAYS FOR 2021

We're taking 21 days to focus on God to start the new year

21 day 1

We are beginning this year with 21 days of focus on God for 2021. Make the most of these 21 days by building consistency and a healthy dependency on Jesus.

Participate with the Daily Focus. Have a set time/place to spend with God. Set a reminder on your phone a few times throughout the day to keep your prayer focus. Memorize a Verse/Theme Verse for this year. Journal your thoughts and prayers. 

Today is about "preparation".  As we looked at the wilderness experience of Jesus we saw it was a time of preparation.  Preparing Him for the temptations and trials He would face, the public ministry, amazing moments, triumphs and heartbreaks.  Jesus did two things in this preparation.

1.  He spent time connecting with His Heavenly Father in fasting and prayer.  He united His heart with God the Father.

2.  He leaned on the Words of God to face the situations He had to endure.  

COMMITMENT:  I will commit to making the most of these 21 days by connecting with God through prayer and His Word.  I will put my focus on God and lean into my relationship with Him over these next 3 weeks as I prepare for what He has next for me.


Matthew 4:1-11

Here's a prayer to pray every day before you get out of bed in the morning for the next 21 days - "Dear Heavenly Father, today I'm expectant, I'm leaning into you.  Speak to me today.  Amen."

Take a journal, this journal page or some notebook paper and write out a prayer of commitment to God for these 21 days.  See these moments as preparation, so declare your intentions to God.