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July 5, 2020

PARABLES: The Lost Son

Speaker: Mark Rhodes Series: PARABLES Topic: Humility & Pride, Character of God Passage: Luke 15:11–15:32, James 4:10

June 21, 2020

MY BIG FAT MOUTH: Can you tame your tongue?

Speaker: Paul Urban Series: MY BIG FAT MOUTH Topic: Relationships, words Passage: James 3:2–3:11

August 26, 2018


Speaker: Matt Lewis Series: ENEMIES OF THE HEART Topic: Dealing with Past Passage: James 5:`6–5:16

December 6, 2015

HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS: Joy through hard times

Speaker: Matt Lewis Series: Holly Jolly Christmas Topic: Finding Joy Passage: James 1:2–1:9

February 9, 2014

Why didn't God answer my prayers?

Speaker: Matt Lewis Series: Why God? Topic: Prayer Passage: James 4:3–4:3

January 6, 2013

Life Apps: Application is Everything

Speaker: Paul Urban Series: Life Apps Topic: Direction Passage: James 1:22–1:25

February 13, 2011

THE RING-Communication is key!

Speaker: Paul Urban Series: THE RING - fighting for our relationships Topic: words Passage: James 3:2–3:10

September 26, 2010

According to Jimmy: You think you're tough?

Speaker: Paul Urban Series: According to Jimmy Topic: Conflict Passage: James 4:1–4:10

September 19, 2010

According to Jimmy: Shut Your Yapper

Speaker: Paul Urban Series: According to Jimmy Topic: words Passage: James 3:1–3:18

September 12, 2010

According to Jimmy: Life is Hard. Listen up and Do it.

Speaker: Paul Urban Series: According to Jimmy Topic: Adversity Passage: James 1:1–1:25