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Think about a time you've been in a stadium for a concert or a game. The experience is great because you are part of the crowd even though there's a variety of people in the stands. There's usually people like season ticket holders, to casual fans, to the person who got the free ticket; but, everyone is there for the experience.  Sundays at church are kind of like that stadium. We have a variety of people attend from people who aren't sure about God, to people who are just starting to attend, to people who are there most every week. No matter where people are in their spiritual journey, Sundays are important because we get together for a great experience to gain some insight about the game of life. We hope the Sunday experience will encourage people to explore God, motivate people to take next steps and challenge people to let God work in & through them because God wants everyone on His team. Check out what is happening this Sunday at church on our Current Series page.


Network Teams are a great way to take what we hear on Sundays and put it into practice together on a team. Network Teams are specifically designed for you to get on the field and give you opportunites to take steps in relationships, not religion. You can team up with others in a regional Network Team to impact the community and take next steps together. It's easy to jump in and you can experience God working in & through your life. You can get Network details here and watch this message to get a better understanding about how Network Teams can help you experience your best life.


Have you ever tried to run by yourself? It's easy to quit. If your running with someone else, it can motivate you to keep going. The same it true for our spiritual life. Running Partners are about journeying through life with a few other people to take steps towards our best life. It's encouraging each other so God can do more in & through us. Running Partners typically form out of our Network Teams but it's easy for any group to try it out. You can find more details here.


To request more information or to get connected in any of the steps above or below, please fill out an online connect card.




Below are some other important steps that are designed to help you advance in your relationship with God.

BAPTISM: Baptism is an outward expression of an inner change. If you have recently begun a relationship with Jesus, this is a great next step. If you are interested, send an email to find out about the next Baptism informational meeting and view the Baptism Brochure. Want to know more about baptism? Listen to this message. 

JOURNEY NIGHT CLASSES: At The Journey, it’s not about just doing some religious things; it’s about who you are becoming in life, with others, and in our relationship with God. We want to keep learning and moving forward.  Journey Night Classes are designed to help us take steps in life, in our relationships, and with God. We offer three trimesters of classes and each class meets for a few weeks. You can view what classes are offered at each site or register here.

VOLUNTEERING: We have a variety of opportunities to connect and make a difference and we make it easy to jump in and try. It takes a number of volunteers to make Sundays happen every week. You can play a part in providing a great place for people to experience relationships, not religion.  You can volunteer on a Sunday or during the week; and anywhere from once a week to once a month.  View Volunteer Opportunities. For more on how volunteering, check out this message on purpose or listen to the series called FOLLOW.

CHILD DEDICATION: Kids and Families are an important part of The Journey. As part of Child Dedication, we have set up a process to support parents. We have two special services for friends and family during the year. Get more details on our Child Dedication brochure.  Find more parenting resources here.

INVITE: Have you had a great experience at The Journey? Invite someone to join you. We have invite cards at the Next Steps Center at church. You can send an e-invite here. It's all about sharing God's love & message with others. Here's some more ideas. Here's a message on how it might change lives, including your own.


For current opportunities, check out The Journey Sheet for this months details. You will also find staff thoughts & blogs, other important details, and insider information on The Feed: