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Wondering When We'll Have Service Again Modern Yellow Circles - Title

If you missed the announcement at the end of the service on Sunday, we will be hosting outdoor gatherings at church when our state goes to stage 5 which allows for 250 people at outdoor events (which has been talked about in the next few weeks). There will be some guidelines and details we will communicate once we are ready for those services. Right now we are encouraging you to host small group watch parties. Here's some more details about small group watch parties.

As stated in previous updates, we have the right to do certain things but we are trying to be RESPONSIBLE. We know some of you are anxious to be back while some are anxious to be in a big group. So please be RESPECTFUL of each other. Also not all churches will handle reopening their buildings in the same way just like not all restaurants are doing things the same way. So again, we are trying to be RESPONSIBLE in our decisions and let’s be RESPECTFUL of each other. I think we would all like to back to way things were before Covid 19 but that’s not the reality anywhere. We appreciate your patience in this process and we hope to see you soon.