When U of M doctors can't explain something you know God is at work! As many of you know, Journeyer Brandon Machinski had brain surgery 8 days ago at U of M hospital. He had a very large tumor that beyond being life threatening if not dealt with, caused him to lose his hearing in his right ear, threatened his facial nerves, caused balance issues, and looked like it would take 2 surgeries (with 6-10 week recoveries for each - that's a lot of time off work).

Brandon, his wife Lyndsey, and their three children were putting their trust in Jesus in this situation. The Machinski's have been a part of The Journey since it was just a dream 10 years ago. As a Church we have been praying for them over the last couple weeks.

About a week before the surgery, the doctors looked once again at Brandon. They didn't tell him this, but everything they found led them to believe that his facial nerves would have to be cut and he would lose their function. They were pretty positive it would take two surgeries as well. On the day of surgery when they first opened him up, they concurred with the previous assessment and planned to lose the facial nerves and do as much as they could in this surgery and then wait 6-10 weeks and do the second half of the surgery.

But God had other plans. After the one surgery they were able to remove the tumor completely and with NO facial nerve damage. No second surgery. The doctors said they couldn't explain it.

Brandon relayed that all week long medical pesonnel and students were coming in to see him, and the doctor would say "remember the guy we talked about with the very large tumor . . . Brandon, smile for them" and Brandon would smile, and then they would all whisper and talk and write notes.

A God of miracles! Thank you Journeyers for praying! Keep praying for Brandon - the next weeks are really important in the recovery. Please pray that there is no regression, no meningitis, and no leakage of brain fluid or spinal fluid (all of those are dangers). Brandon can't pick up his kids right now or sleep laying down. Pray for Lyndsey as she helps lead in the home.

P.S. God is a God of miracles. Don't put a period where God has put a comma in your life. Keep seeking Him. You never know what He might do or who He might confound (I could insert a joke here about U of M, vs. MSU but I won't :-)