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Journey Group Event


Groups are all about doing life together. Its a few people consistently meeting together to intentionally encourage each other to take next steps, especially in our relationship with Jesus. Here's what a few people are saying about their group experience: 
It's an opportunity to grow with like-minded people and to develop relationships with others outside of being at church on Sunday. I feel like I have grown in my relationship with my family, others at church, as well as my comfort in talking about God, and sharing my love for The Journey with other people. I have taken steps with God because of my Journey group.

We are all at different levels in our journey, but always have good discussions.

Being involved in a Journey Group has help me be better able to handle the bumpy potholes that life throws at me. In the past I would get so overwhelmed. Now I know I have a support system to help me "get off the ledge".

I have grown in my relationship with Jesus by sharing the excitement that comes from encouraging others to follow Jesus. Recently I had a friend confide in me in regards to her wanting to be baptized. I was overwhelmed that she choose me to inspire her along her journey. I'm proud to say that the end of October, I will bear witness to her baptism and celebrate with her as she begins her walk with Jesus. The journey has made me confident with my beliefs and I love the fellowship!