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Top 3 for March 2, 2017

Have you ever heard someone talk about the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost? Spirits & ghosts seem a little strange, eerie, or maybe even scary. What are we supposed to make of a “Holy” Spirit? We get glimpses of Him through the Bible, but is the Holy Spirit our conscience? Is it just like goosebumps after an inspiring song or is there something more? In this series, we’ll unravel the mystery of this Holy Spirit and what it means for our connection with God and our ability to experience our best life. See the promo video online.

We are so thankful for this team and the significant time they invest in God and our church. Each week we have a team of people who pray for our church and for any requests that come in. If you would like to be part of this important team, send a request to: admin@thejourneycc.com

Every week our band leads us in some great music to help us focus on God. Did you know that you can find all the songs on our website? Check out the Song Page of our website for the list of songs and check out the new feature song for this month on THE FEED.