SIt's the best thing we've ever done in our marriage.  Nothing has helped shape our relationship, safeguard our love, deepen our hearts for each other like praying together out loud every day.  

I know, I know.  You don't like to pray out loud.  And . . . you're not sure what to say.  And . . . when would you actually do it?  And . . . 

Just do it anyway.  Nothing has a better chance of divorce-proofing your marriage than inviting God into the center of your relationship.  Inviting his power to work in the middle of your marriage.  You can do it.

On Sunday, we gave a couple of helpful thoughts to get you started, from Pastor Craig Groeschel of Life Church in Oklahoma.

1.  Keep it short.  30-60 seconds to start.

2.  Keep it consistent.  Get in a rhythm.  Pick the same time every day.  Right before you go to work, after dinner, or at bedtime for example.

3.  If you miss a day, don't miss two.  Just get back at it.

Praying together will bring a spiritual bond.  It will unite your hearts.  It will grow trust.  It will build intimacy.  Nothing you do in your marriage will have the same ROI (return on investment) and in only 60 seconds a day. 

You may not feel like you know what to say or how to start.  Just start.  There are no magic words.  But if you need some help you could pray something like this.

Dear God,

Thank you for this marriage.  We want to honor you and love each other well.  Bless _____ help him/her to follow you today.  (Something specific about their day or life - for example:  Help . . . with the stress they've been feeling), help me to be the wife/husband they need today.  In Jesus name, Amen.  

So, will you make the commitment?  Pray every day, out loud with your spouse and watch your relationship grow.