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We are starting a new series this Sunday at The Journey called Summer Blockbuster. It's going to be fun...movies, popcorn, snacks, minions and more. We had these special popcorn invites. We have some fun promo videos. Most of all, it will challenge you to flip the script to experience life as God designed it. Get more details about the series here.

One of our goals at The Journey is to provide an environment that is easy to invite people to attend. I don't know who decided in the past that church can't be fun. So we provide a fun, relevant, meaningful, safe environment for people no matter where they are with God. This series is a great one to invite someone. Chances are they've seen one of the movies or at least know about them. So send an email invite card here. Hopefully you picked up a popcorn box or postcard at church. Share the facebook event page. Share the videos on facebook or send someone a link to them on youtube. Let God work in & through you to help others experience their best life in relationship with Jesus.