In Mother's Day, Vince Antonucci from Verve Church in Vegas was at The Journey.  Vince & Verve have been a strategic partner of ours since their beginning 4 years ago.  We've sent teams to serve in Vegas and every year we partner together as part of our Christmas offerings to help them in a tangible way.

We have also partnered with them by hosting a one-day conference for church starters (planters) who are interested in "doing church for those who don't like church".

Now, it's going to a whole new level.  About a month ago, Vince announced publicly Splagna, something that had been in development and prayer for a couple of years.  As a matter of fact we were some of the first people to know about this dream and were immediately on board.  Splagna (which in essence means "guts", or "twisted intestines") is all about having the same compassion for people that Jesus had & having the guts to go to the hard and difficult places to share His love with people.  Splagna is a new church planting venture where we are looking to help plant churches in the hard places - Splagna's tag line is "Sinful places.  Cynical people."  So, we're targeting places like Bourbon Street in New Orleans, the Sunset Strip in L.A., Harvard Square in Boston, etc.

Our role is still developing, but I hope you are as excited as we are at the opportunity we have to bring "relationships not religion" to places that need incredible transformation!  We are on the front lines of God's Kingdom work!!

Paul Urban