Our fiscal year is just beginning for 2019-2020 year. With this transition, we will to extend the opportunity for partnership since it's a yearly commitment.

Partnership is a way for us to commit to being a part of what God is doing through The Journey through publicly identifying with the mission & with others on that mission as part of who we are becoming & as part of the spiritual family here. It’s a commitment we make with God and with our church to play our part in His work in and through us as we strive to live out the Core Essentials & help others do the same.

What Partnership is not? 

It’s not exclusive membership rights or preferential treatment. It doesn’t mean you’re more spiritual than someone else.

Want to be a Partner? 

For people to truly live out what we commit to in being a partner, that person must be:

  1. In agreement and committed to The Journey’s mission, vision and statement of faith.

  2. Have begun a personal relationship w/Jesus where they are striving to follow Him.

  3. Baptized or planning to be baptized in the coming year as an outward expression of the beginning of your relationship with Jesus.

  4. Is committed to taking steps in the Core Essentials and helping our church live those out.

The Journey’s Commitment to all who call The Journey their home church

  1. Commitment to be God-focused, with the Bible as our final authority.

  2. Support in your journey of faith.

  3. Provide environments that will help you experience God and help you in becoming more like Jesus.

  4. Commitment to lead with integrity and with the church’s best spiritual interest in mind.


You can find a Partnership form here or at the Next Steps Center.