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This past Sunday we worked through some investigative questions about prayer (what? when? how? where? how?...).The whole point was prayer is about the relationship and as we pray because it helps us center our lives. It guards us against all the things the pull at our hearts or clog our minds (Philippians 4:6-7). We also watched the above video about prayer and shared a few tools that might be helpful like:


Journaling/Prayer Lists/Writing Your Prayers
This is one way to keep your mind focused while you pray and it can help you focus more of what you're praying. Having a list can help you organize your thoughts as well. Part of the above video talks about writing your prayers like notes to someone. It can also be a way to look back and see how God answered prayers.

Prayer Apps
Here's a post with a couple apps for your phone that might be helpful.

Pray the words in the Bible
As you read a verse, you can pray those words. It might be something about who God is or a way to follow after Him. You can find alot of things to pray in the book of Psalms.

Pray Songs
Pray the lyrics from the songs we sing at church. You can find them here. Maybe as you're listening, close your eyes to focus and speak those words to God.

Set Alarms
It surprises me who easy it is to go through a day and not talk to God because our lives are so busy. We schedule a lot of things in life, especially the important things. So why not schedule time with God or maybe set an alarm throughout your day to remind you to pause for a minute and connect with God as you go through your day.

Keep the Conversation Going
Prayer is all about the relationship. So you can pray at meal time or bed time, but keep the conversation going throughout your day and share your life with God.

Bible App & Running Partner Questions
Here's the reflection questions for this week and F.Y.I. every week we offer these follow up tool which includes a prayer focus for the week. You can always find them on the current series page.

This Week's Prayer
God I want to hear from You today. I want to see You today. I want to really know You today so I can follow hard after You. Amen.