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Selena first came to The Journey because their son was asking questions about God and she and her husband, Greg, weren't really sure how to answer! I love that she has a very unique perspective on children's ministry.

Selena decided to follow Jesus and was baptized at The Journey (how cool is that?!). She began to volunteer in Journey Kids, and a couple years ago we asked her to fill in part time when Virginia Davidson, our first Journey Kids Director stepped down to be with her growing family. Selena stepped in and kept things afloat. Selena has a great family and together they are raising chickens, and cows, and planting corn, and being very Laura Engalls Wilder. Selena and her family are part of the North Network.

As we anticipated going to two sites we asked her to team with Julie Weber, to oversee Journey Kids. Together they work with more than 100 volunteers and around 120-130 kids each week. Selena has seen first hand the impact that Journey Kids has had on her family and she is passionate about helping kids experience Jesus and for families to grow together as they follow Jesus. Selena is someone who can do a TON. She's worked hard over the last couple years to only say "yes" to the important things and she is like a sponge - soaking up whatever we ask of her and how we continue to challenge her to grow. I'm so proud of her.

Selena helps oversee our 2-3's and 4-5 rooms at both sites. She works with volunteers, edits lessons, make sure supplies are there for teachers, jumps in and serves, works to develop quality teams, schedules volunteers, meets and cares for parents, invests in leaders, and more. These days she spends most her Sunday's at our M-120 site. On top of all of that, she cleans both sites of The Journey, and does all that in about 30 hours a week.

Selena would have described herself as a "task person" a couple years ago (and I would have agreed), but she has embraced fully the role of a people-developer. She loves investing in kids, parents, and other adults. She's been where many are, and she wants to help others take next steps.

So, whether you have kids in Journey Kids or not, I want to encourage you to drop a note, make a call, or give a high-five to Selena for the awesome work she's doing. And, if you do have kids in Journey Kids, then I command you (just kidding)!!