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Julie and Adam started attending The Journey a number of years ago and they both worked as teachers in our public schools. Julie has her Master's Degree, and took a big pay cut to come join The Journey staff (kind of a theme around here). Julie is a foodie. She likes order and procedures. She's a musician. And she just had a beautiful baby girl, Grace. Julie is also one of the slowest eaters I have ever been around.

Julie came on staff about 2 years ago, working just over 30 hours a week (like most of our staff - she works more than that, but doesn't get paid for all the hours). Julie is the Journey Kids Co-Director with Selena Radosa. Julie is growing a ton in her leadership. Julie brings oversight to our Nursery, Check-In, and 1-5th grade classes. That's a huge responsibility. Julie handles much of the communication of Journey Kids, helps train teachers, invests in volunteers, and works on policies and procedures so that we can be more effective.

Julie loves kids, and loves the mission of The Journey. Julie also has volunteered her time to lead a Beginnings Group and developed great relationships that have been mutually beneficial as they grow together in relationship with Jesus. Julie and Adam are also an active part of the Norton Shores Network.

We're so grateful for Julie and her commitment to making Journey Kids the best they can be. She wants the whole process - from the first time someone walks up to the check-in area to the classroom, to the post-service experience to be impactful for kids and parents. Ultimately, she cares about kids and parents encountering their best life connected to Jesus. She brings a ton of value & impact, not just to Journey Kids, but to The Journey as a whole.