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We want to thank everyone who gave to the Hope Christmas Project this year. One of the four aspects of the project was about bringing hope to our city. It's our desire to help as many people as possible experience their best life in relationships, not religion. A relationship with Jesus can bring hope and life.

So we all have a part to play as we invest and invite (here's some more thoughts). With some of the fund from the project and with some funds donated by Converge, we're sending out a mailer to 27,000+ home around both sites. We hope that people will consider coming to The Journey, or checking it out online, and we're praying that people will explore God and find hope in Him.

Will you consider a couple things?

1) Be praying this week as the mailer is distributed around our area. Pray that it won't get lost in the shuffle of mail. Pray that people will have open minds and hearts.

2) If you have friends or family that live around the sites (about 5 mile radius) and if they don't go to church, ask them if they saw it in the mail. Follow up with them and invite them to join you some Sunday.

3) Maybe you know someone who won't come to "church". Well, there's info for the Night Classes on the post card as well. Maybe they would come to a class. Invite someone to join you at a class.

Part one was providing the funds for the mailer. Now let's pray and invite and bring hope to our city.