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Summer is full of vacations, trips and fun activities. We know you are going to miss some Sundays this summer. I know I did when I took two weeks of vacation. But we don't want to lose the momentum in our relationship with God.

Here's two realities for most of our lives: 
1) Summer brings a change in our schedules and routines. There are a ton of things to do along the lakeshore and only a certain number of days to take advantage of them. So we are going to miss some Sundays at church.
2) Most people begin to drift in their relationship with Jesus when they aren't consistently connected in a faith community. If we break postivie patterns in our lives, we can lose momentum in our relationship with God.

So we want to provide some options to stay connected because we want to keep positive patterns as we continue to make Jesus the center of our lives.


Whether you are at the campsite, in a hotel or half way around the world, if you have a cell signal or wi-fi + a device, you can watch The Journey live online any Sunday at 9:30 or 11:00 am from the Pontaluna Exit Site. I've actually watched it while I was riding in a car down the highway. If those times aren't good options for you, you can watch it later in the week on the Series page. The message from that week is posted by Monday afternoon. This can help us keep our focus and stay current in the series if you miss any Sunday. You can also find the Give Me More questions on that page by clicking on the document/paper button.

So have fun this summer. I hope you have great vacations, but I also hope you keep taking steps in your relationship with Jesus.