Journey Kids is all about building a foundation for kids to experience their best life and we're starting 2015 off on the right foot! 

Kids age 2 through Kindergarten are learning that "Jesus is all I need". Our Bible stories this month are all about different healings that Jesus did while he was on Earth and how he provides for everything we need. Be sure to take a peek at the Parent Take-Home Sheet to keep up-to-speed with your child's class this month & grab a memory verse magnet off the classroom door to put on the 'fridge at home!

Jan. 2015 Verse with Motions


Kids in 1st-5th Grade are taking some time to focus on commitment - making a plan and putting it into practice. They will look at a different spiritual discipline each week and learn practical ways to follow through with it in their everyday lives. Check out the Parent Take-Home Sheet to know which discipline is covered each week so you can support your child while they take steps to experience their best life through a relationship with Jesus! 



Julie Weber