Have you ever went on a detox diet? Strip away everything, clean out your system, start over. What if we did that in our lives, not just with our diet?  

If you're like me you've felt the need for a fresh start from time to time.  But our lives are too restless, we're in a constant rush, we're busy, we're distracted.  Maybe you need a detox because you feel tortured by your past, or by the words of others.  Or maybe your life is simply being seduced by all sorts of things that promise more than they can deliver but you keep buying in and paying for it in the end without any real reward.

How do we detox our soul?  How do not let our life get contaminated or even clean up the contamination that is already there?  

Soul Detox is starting this week at The Journey!  For more information or to even invite someone along with you, check out the series details  

You might want to pick up the book Soul Detox by Craig Groeschel, which this series is based off of.  The Amazon link is on the series page I mentioned above.  

So, everyone, lets detox our souls and experience our best life!