In our series Summer Blockbuster, we are looking to Flip the Script in our lives so we can experience our best life.

One of the movies we looked at was Mission Impossible (Five).  I love Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) because he's always in "impossible" situations and yet faces his fears and does the impossible.

We usually don't have the same ability.  We all will face what feels like an impossible situation.  We all face seemingly impossible circumstances.  A relationship.  Our finances.  A job loss.  A health crisis.  A major decision with no clear cut answer.  We do all that we know to do, we research all we can, we come up with scenarios and what we think is the perfect solution.  

But we're stuck.  We can't move forward.  It's impossible, or . . . maybe not.

We looked in 1 Kings 17:8-16 at how God moved in the life of a woman in a desperate situation & in the life of a prophet who was almost as desperate.  God moved in the most unlikely of ways and through the most unlikely of people.  Your solution might not be God's solution to the problem.  He can do the seemingly impossible.

In that message, we talked about five ways to move forward when the situation seems impossible. 

When you are faced with the seemingly impossible situation, when you feel stuck and like there is no way forward, one thing you need to do is DIE TO YOUR IDEA OF THE SOLUTION.  What is impossible with you, might not be impossible with God.  How you THINK the impossible could become possible, might not be the way God sees fit to answer.  He can do what you can't, and He doesn't even need to do it in conventional ways.  

If you're willing to trust Him, to face your fears, to pray and listen, to take steps of faith as He leads, He can do the impossible in your situation.  But you might miss what He wants to do if you can't die to your idea of the solution.  

If you're facing the seemingly impossible - pray this week that you'll let God be God in this circumstance.  Let Him provide for you as He sees best & trust that He's at work.

To watch the full message where we talked about this, check it out RIGHT HERE!