Hey Journeyers, as we get ready to head into summer we wanted to thank you for your generosity last Christmas through our Hope Christmas Project.  We wanted to update you on the ways that your generosity is making a difference all around the world and helping people experience "relationships, not religion" far beyond our reach along the lakeshore.  

House of Hope Home - Kenya, Africa

This year we provided the funds for the orphanage to put in all new floors.  This is not just a cosmetic issue but a safety issue as there were huge cracks and foundational issues in the orphange.  Not only is there a safe space for these kids, but they feel valued that others would care for them in this way.  We have personally paid for the rescue and admittance of 3 children at the orphanage and have built 3 of their classrooms, plus rain tanks, bunk beds, computers, a van, a truck, garden, cows, chickens, a kitchen, and more.  Thank you for caring for the "least of these".


Ben and Esther Berry and family

The Berry family moved to Kenya this last year from The Journey!  They are working and serving at Rift Valley Academy and impacting the community, including partnering with House of Hope Home.  We miss them here, but they are loving their new home and impacting students and the community!


Crazy circumstances connected us to Suniel who is a pastor in northern India.  In an area that is antagonistic to Jesus, Suniel is bringing hope and life to many who are disconnected from God.  The area is hilly and dangerous, and over-run by things like sex-trafficking of young girls.  Suniel has started 7 small churches in the mountains and is training other young adults to be pastors of these churches.  When I was in Florida a few weeks back I met with Josh Howard from Central India Mission and he told about the day Suniel and he met and he was able to tell Suniel that a church in America was going to pay his salary and expenses for a full year so he could continue to reach people!  He was overwhelmed!  Josh told me that Suniel is an amazing man who is doing a great work.  P.S.  We only had to give $2,500 to make that happen!!  But it meant everything to him!