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We have a strategic partnership with Verve Church in Las Vegas as they try to reach people who work on and live by the strip find God. We connected with Vince long before this as he shared some great wisdom with us at The Journey in our early years. Vince moved to Vegas & launched Verve Church 5 years ago. We've supported them from day one with projects, support and even sent some teams throughout the years. We're also in a partnership with them called Splagna that is working on starting churches in some of the dark places in our world. Here's a little update from Vince as they hit their 5th birthday at Verve.



I wanted to send you an update on Verve, and thank you again for your support of us! We are about to hit 5 years old, and you have been a big part of everything God has done here!

This past weekend we celebrated our 5th birthday (a month early, but close enough) at our services. In the message we talked some about why our church exists, and also some of the amazing things God has done at Verve...we also had 16 people give their lives to Jesus, stand in front of a crowd of people to share their spiritual story, and then get baptized. It was awesome. The stories were unbelievable. People who hated church till they walked into Verve, who had spent the last ten years in jail, who had totally given up on God. It was amazing. And through your support, you are a part of every one of those stories! Thank you! (By the way: We now have 242 people who have said yes to Jesus and gotten baptized at Verve!)

Please keep praying for us. If you've never joined our prayer team (which means you'll get a short prayer request emailed to you every morning), you can do so at pray.vivalaverve.org. And I always ask people to say a quick prayer for us every time you hear "Las Vegas."

Specifically, you can be praying that we God will increase our leaders, and our offerings. People are constantly moving away from Las Vegas, and so we are constantly losing people we have been raising up to lead, and who had learned to give. We keep reaching new people, but they are almost always unchurched non-Christians who are nowhere near ready to lead or to give. Our finances are especially tight right now, as we lost our biggest financially supportive church at the end of 2014. Please pray that God will replace that money, and that we will have all the resources we need to do all that God's called us to do.

Thank you so much for caring about Verve and the lost people of Las Vegas. Thanks for all you've done for us. You are making an eternal difference and I am eternally grateful!